Rock run crossings | cullinan properties, ltd.


Rock Run Crossings will create a “Sense of Community” for residents, visitors, and the business community, by creating a human scale walkable destination downtown along Center Drive, and at the same time providing access/ egress along the Rock Run Crossings Drive for vehicular based business. Upon arriving visitors will understand they are in a special place to live, work, shop, entertain, recreate, and connect with nature.

Our planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design team is comprised of senior staff who have the specific knowledge and experience to partner with Cullinan to achieve this vision.

We understand the concept needs to set a framework that is flexible to evolving economic and social market forces to be viable. Working with Cullinan through an engaged discovery and design process, the solutions will be both creative and financially grounded.

We have a reputation for being team players and delivering on our commitments (do what it takes), not sometimes, but all the time, which our clients and construction partners will attest to.

Most of all, each member of our team is excited for the opportunity to work with you in creating the community of Rock Run Crossings.