Safety in athletics has dominated recent headlines. Whether your field is natural grass or a synthetic turf, meeting appropriate maintenance criteria is critical to extending the usable lifespan and to continue providing a safe environment for your athletes.  

Unsure where to begin? There are three primary tests to assess the current condition of your field:

  1. GMAX testing: provides an assessment of hardness spread across the entire field that can help monitor when a field has been overused, under-maintained, or has met the end of its usable lifespan. It will measure shock-absorbing impacts, such as body impacts.
  2. HIC (Head Injury Criterion) Impact testing: provides an assessment of hardness from increasing heights and measures the impact. This will determine probability and severity of potential head injuries. This test is newer to the market and just starting to find its way onto the testing market. 
  3. Deformation Test: assesses the hardness under each step taken during play. These measurements can define field deficiencies which are prone to causing lower body injuries in athletics, which are the most common types of athletic injury according to stopsportsinjuries.org.

Shive-Hattery sports experts are specially trained to assess field conditions, helping keep your athletic facilities safe and maintain a competitive, fun environment for all users.