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Opening in September 2022, the new Outpatient Surgery Center and Specialty Clinics (OSCSC) facility at the University of Illinois Health’s Chicago campus will provide comprehensive care, education and research to its diverse patient, faculty and staff population. 


The facility is designed to meet several guiding principles set by the University Health system.  Top among the list is the goal to provide an exceptional patient and family experience through patient centered care and the promotion of a healing environment.  Additionally, the organization has established a high goal of sustainability for the project by setting a minimum requirement of LEED Gold certification through the US Green Building Council rating system. 


The new 195,000 square foot OSCSC will be located at the corner of West Taylor Street and South Wood Street – directly across from the main Hospital. The facility will be accessible to patients, visitors and staff via the primary multi-story lobby on South Wood Street as well as a multi-story skybridge across West Taylor Street. By physically connecting with the existing hospital, the OSCSC will consolidate high-demand outpatient services in a convenient location, enhance staff workflows and increase operational efficiencies. This new facility will reduce the burden of ambulatory procedures in the existing hospital and provide a much-needed solution to increasing outpatient service demands.


The new OSCSC will provide a new home for outpatient surgery procedures now performed within the main Hospital operating suite, opening needed space for improvements and expansion of the existing inpatient surgery department.  The existing Hospital APEC service will move to an expanded patient care area on the second floor of the OSCSC. Additional clinics and services to be housed at the OSCSC include a Multispecialty Procedure Center, GI Clinic, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology clinics, a Urology Clinic, Pharmacy, and outpatient services for correctional facility patients.



Where can I find the documents for the Furniture and Artwork RFPs?

Please use the “Furniture” and “Artwork” links in the menu at the top of this page.

Who is welcome to bid on the Furniture and Artwork scope?

Anyone who is capable of fulfilling the requirements as set forth in the RFP documents is eligible to submit a bid.

When are final Bid Documents due?

All bids must be uploaded by JUNE 18, 2021 at 5 PM CST.