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Please send final Bid Documents to by June 18, 2021 at 5PM CST. 

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How do I download the Furniture RFP?

Use the link at the top of this page. You will be directed to a Box site where you can download the applicable documents.

How do I submit a question about the Furniture RFP?

The deadline for inquiries has passed. Please view the Questions and Answers section to see if your question has been answered.

Who will be addressing my questions?

Questions received via this site will be sent to the project team for review and response.

How will I receive a response to my question about the Furniture RFP?

Questions and answers will be posted to this page once the project team has had a chance to evaluate and gather information. Please note that similar questions from multiple bidders may be answered together.  We will make every effort to address your questions in a timely manner. Please check this page daily to view answered questions – answers will not be emailed to bidders.

Will the project team contact me directly regarding my question?

If the project team needs clarification on any questions asked we will reach out directly to clarify. Answers will not be emailed to bidders.

Will questions sent via email to the project team be answered?

No. Should we receive an email from you directly, we will request that you re-submit your question via the “Submit a Question” form at the top of this page.

When are final Bid Documents due?

All bids must be sent to Emily Rich at by JUNE 18, 2021 at 5 PM CST. 

How do I submit my final Bid Documents?

Please email your final bid proposals to Emily Rich at

I noticed some discrepancies between the quantities noted in the Bid Summary Form and what is shown in the drawings. How should I bid?

Please bid using the quantities listed in the Bid Summary Form.

Will a liftgate be required to deliver to the loading dock?

The loading dock entry is at grade level, so trucks with liftgates should be used when possible. 

How will BEP inclusion be evaluated?

Inclusion of BEP partners within the furniture scope (vendor alternates, installers, delivery companies, supply chain personnel, etc.) will count toward the project's overall 20% inclusion goal. It is required that all bidders provide a list of State of Illinois BEP Act firms solicited for this project. Should the furniture dealer elect to engage any BEP Act Certified firms, the bidder shall provide copies of applicable certifications along with their bid. 

To obtain a list of potential BEP partners please contact Te’riah Montgomery with the Target Group at

Will the building have a freight elevator?

The building will have two service elevators which may be used for deliveries. The inside cab dimensions are approximately 8'-7" deep x 5'-8" wide x 7'-3" high. Service elevator doors are 4'-6" wide x 7'-0" high.

Will Chicago Electrical Code be followed?

This project is designed to meet the National Electrical Code NFPA 70 requirements. Chicago Electrical Code does not apply.

Is Union Labor required?

Union Labor is required for all trades.

Will semis have direct access to the site?

Direct access to the loading dock will be provided via a drive along the South end of the building. If a truck is too long to back into the dock bays, unloading via the drive will be permitted.

Will deliveries and installation be allowed during normal business hours?

Deliveries and installtion will generally be allowed during normal business hours. Pre-delivery & installation coordination with the General Contractor will be required and off-hours labor may be necessary in some instances.

Will the building be following ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard Code?

The building is designed to meet 2018 IECC, not  ASHRAE 90.1

Should CH01 be bid with upholstery "A" as indicated on the spec sheet, or with upholsteries "G, J, M, P, S and V" per the Bid Summary Form?

Please follow the upholstery codes listed in the Bid Summary Form.

Which fabric code is for the back and which is for the seat?

Where contrasting upholstery is specified the second letter in sequence refers to seat upholstery. Please refer to the symbols legend shown on the furniture plans for additional information.

I see Keynote A01.03 on a few of the furniture plans. Is this in the furniture scope?

No, this item is not in the furniture scope.

Staff Lounge 2020 has a small table with 2 chairs that are not tagged. Please confirm tags.

The table is T02 and the chairs are CH01 with upholstery code J. These chairs and table have been accounted for in the quantities listed in the Bid Summary Form.

Will the furniture install be phased by floor?

Yes, the furniture install will likely need to be phased. Further coordination with the General Contractor will be needed to determine phasing schedule.

BN-02 finish as specified is unavailable. Which finish should be quoted instead?

Provide black finish in lieu of Anchor Gray.

Should chairs shown in rooms 5111, 5113 and 5114 have tags?

These chairs should be tagged CH16. They are already included in the quantites shown in the Bid Summary Form.

Confirm if there is a missing IPS01 tag in Corridor 5002A and Corridor 6000A.

The tags are missing from the plans, but these items have already been accounted for in the quantities shown in the Bid Summary Form.

Confirm if there is a missing WR02 tag in Wait 2110.

There does not appear to be a missing tag in room 2110. All quantities for items are as shown in the Bid Summary Form.

Knape and Vogt styles 85/187 (ST09, ST10 & ST11) are not compatible and are not available with 78" standards (ST09). Please advise.

Please quote ST09 as Knape and Vogt 87/187 series with 72" standards. Please quote ST10 and ST11 as Knape and Vogt 87/187 series with standard lengths as noted.

The description for CH05 does not match the product number. Which is correct?

The back of CH05 should be the "groove" style - not mesh.

Will alternate labor numbers be considered if BEP certified labor cost is higher than non-BEP certified labor?

Yes, alternate labor numbers will be accepted for consideration.

Can you please verify monitor arm placement, quantity, and specification?

Monitor arms are not included in the furniture scope at this time.

Will award be given to one furniture dealer?

Per page I-3 of the RFP: "The award of the contract shall be at the sole discretion of UIH and Developer. Developer’s objective is to award the contract to one bidder. However, Developer reserves the right to award the contract on an item-by-item basis or group of items."

Will a digital statement guaranteeing price per quoted items through December 31, 2021 be acceptable?

A digital statement is acceptable.

Please confirm if power is needed conference room tables. If power is needed, can you please provide the correct terminations, details and specifications?

The power requirements for tables T05 and T06 are provided in the specifications. Further detail will be developed prior to order placement. Should a bidder propose an alternate product specification details will be revised accordingly.

For T07, T08, and T09, can you please clarify what is needed in the power access lid or is just a grommet hole, no module included?

T07, T08 and T09 will not be powered and do not require a power module. The grommet with power access lid is specified in order to provide access to any cords or devices located below the table. The lid is desired to provide a finished look.

Regarding chairs with high weight capacities - are these capacities based upon static or dynamic loads? Will alternates with lower weight capacities be considered?

The weight capacity noted for each chair is based upon static load. Bidders may propose an alternate with a static weight load lower than the basis of design for consideration.

Confirming Details for Adjustment, Warranty, Care and Maintenance of all furnishing and accessories will not be part of RFP submission at this time?

Per page I-4 of the RFP: " The vendor shall clearly state the warranty terms as they relate to the nature, quality, and performance of the materials and workmanship of the furniture. The vendor shall also clearly state the specifed period of time that the warranties cover and any special conditions that could afect the warranty period. All warranties should run to the beneft of THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS."

Adjustment and maintenance data may be submitted at a later date.

Submit a Question

The deadline for inquiries has passed. Please view the Questions and Answers section to see if your question has been answered.