Commercial Development

Connect people to your brand through a meaningful experience. Your brand emanates your culture and operations. An appealing design keeps people coming back. These success stories show the value of strategic thinking based on metrics, evidence and consensus on a common vision.



A project dream becomes reality when my clients have a vision in mind and the optimal site selected. A critical step of this journey is the site development process. Serving my client as civil engineer and design lead means their success is my success. My clients can expect to be empowered and involved throughout the life of their project and I commit to being by their side every step of the way .

I will work tirelessly to help my clients navigate through design, socioeconomic, environmental, and regulatory challenges. With my understanding of local, state, and federal regulations, I can help keep their projects on track and moving forward

My ultimate goal is to help my clients while improving the community landscape.

Nick Hatz

Commercial Development Sector Leader