District Energy Systems

District energy and combined heat and power (CHP) systems produce thermal (steam, heated or chilled water) and electric energy at one or more central plants and distribute it through a piping network to a number of buildings and facilities. While District Energy and CHP are not new ideas, they are gaining momentum in today’s sustainable energy environment due to their superior efficiencies, reliability, operational flexibility and environmental advantages.

Many complexes and campuses have district energy or combined heat and power systems, but have fallen behind on proper maintenance to keep them running at their peak conditions. By properly maintaining and upgrading district energy systems when necessary, decision-makers can achieve lower operation/maintenance costs, efficient energy delivery, superior reliability, improved comfort and decreased carbon footprint.

Shive-Hattery, acting as an extension of your team, can help you evaluate, optimize and expand your district energy and combined heat and power (CHP) system to achieve the numerous inherent benefits at your complex or campus.Wastewater Systems, Shive-Hattery can meet your needs.