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7 Things to Consider when Expanding your Brewery

Ready to make your move and expand your brewery?

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Ready to make your move and expand your brewery? Whether moving it out of your garage and into your first facility, or moving from your first location into a building that offers more square footage – you may feel like you need to move quickly. Careful planning and forward thinking before the project starts can reduce headaches and financial strain.

Here are seven things we recommend considering as you expand your brewery …

  1. What Functions Do You Want to Incorporate (Now and Later)?
  2. Who Will Manage What?
  3. Types of Utility and Brewing Systems
  4. Code Compliance
  5. Think Vertically
  6. Production Contingency Plans
  7. What Do Your Customers Want to See?

And Don’t Forget About…

  • The Exterior
  • Technology
  • The Feel

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