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Stakes are high in manufacturing. Your goals and needs are evolving, along with your customers.

But while the solutions and technologies seem to be ever-changing, your team can be rock-solid. Our client-first approach sets you up with a single, solutions-minded advisor for all your building and facility needs.

Just the Right Solution

We love to hear from clients that our industrial engineers and architects had just the right fix to a problem. With 540 experts spread across 16 locations, we have the diversity and depth to diagnose and address your industrial facility’s unique challenges. From building envelope to stormwater and air quality permitting questions, Shive-Hattery taps into just about any expertise you’ll need.

“Shive-Hattery is at their best when they come to look over a problem. They’re confident that they can provide a solution.

The face of manufacturing is changing — has your facility kept up?

New spaces for a new workforce

Today’s industrial workforce is more evenly split between male and female as well as other diverse cultures and demographics. But many facilities still reflect the demographics of 50 years ago. Tour a plant, and you may see lines outside the women’s restrooms, which are fewer and further between than men’s.  

We’ve partnered with clients on cost-effective facility upgrades for more inclusive and supportive environments, including: 

  • Updated and equitable restrooms  
  • Mother’s rooms and pumping rooms   
  • Locker room expansions and renovations

Amenities That Boost Retention  

The average factory worker’s tenure is short: one to two years. Retention efforts are important to keep your best employees from walking out the door. Beyond salary and benefits, user experience in facility design can make a difference. Consider your employee spaces – breakrooms, locker rooms, recreational areas, even the parking lots – do they contribute to a positive working environment where employees want to be?

Our designers work with industrial, workplace and hospitality clients – giving them access to innovation, products and trends you won’t find just by looking at competitors in your industry.  

Comprehensive Solutions That Grow With You

Our commitment goes beyond the immediate project. We focus on building long-term value, ensuring the solutions we provide today will serve your needs well into the future. We understand the importance of adaptability and scalability in industrial operations and design with your future growth in mind.

We bring efficient, creative phasing plans and communicate them clearly – minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.  Plus, we design for long-term flexibility. Emerging technologies in facility management and manufacturing, including the latest in integration and automation, are top-of-mind.


We understand how the speed of design and implementation affects production – and why it’s important that work continues while improvements are made.

Our architects and engineers are experienced in developing creative solutions to ensure your production remains active and efficient during upgrades and renovations.  

Is your industrial facility ready for a transformation?

Shive-Hattery provides state-of-the-art architectural and engineering solutions tailored for modern manufacturing buildings. Enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability with our expert services.

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