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Meet Our South Bend Studio. The perfect blend of architectural excellence, community spirit, and historic charm.

As Shive-Hattery’s South Bend architecture firm expands, our team of roughly 15 is growing quickly. The diverse skills, backgrounds, and ages we bring continue to complement each other and help create a tight-knit environment built on strong relationships, respect for one another, and a sense of belonging.

Downtown South Bend offers the best of both worlds when it comes to living and working. It’s a large city with a small-town feel: nice and helpful people, a laid-back lifestyle, and less traffic. Plus, we get to cheer on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

Shive-Hattery South Bend Architecture & Engineering Firm

Top 5 Reasons We Love Our South Bend Studio

  • We get to work in a historic South Bend location that’s full of history. While the Hibberd Building was designed to house a printing company in 1926, it’s now a mix of apartments, retail space, and our office.  
  • There’s a bakery, yoga studio, and brewery next door—great places to stop before and after work!
  • We strive for a fun vibe. Our team loves office potlucks, playing volleyball, and even doing community service projects together.
  • Our South Bend architecture firm excels at fire station and public safety design, but we’ve worked on projects ranging from well-known corporate offices to schools. 
  • Repurposing older buildings for new uses is our passion, and our own South Bend studio is a great example. Turning a vacant medical office building into a vibrant apartment complex is one of our most recent accomplishments. 

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321 S Main St
South Bend, IN 46601

turnout gear racks, gear storage, turnout gear lockers

Hometown Feature

A Fire Station 20 Years in the Making

A first-place winner of a Fire Industry Education Resource Organization Design Award, South Bend Fire Station No. 9 reduces annual energy costs by 30% compared to standard fire stations. It blends seamlessly into its surroundings and is designed with a “zone” concept that separates fire-fighting toxins from the station’s living quarters.

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“We’re here to do our jobs, of course, but Shive-Hattery supports us in so much more, and they allow us to shine a light on other things happening in the community. After trying to find a professional women’s organization in South Bend without success, we were encouraged to create one. It was a great success!”

Chrissy Barnbrook, South Bend Office Manager

Chrissy Barnbrook | Office Manager

Professional Women's Panel


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