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We Think in 3D

Your building tells a story – and stunning 3D building visualization brings that story to life.

Shive-Hattery is all about effective communication, and there’s no better way to convey how your finished project will look than to show you. View your design at every angle.

We don’t reserve renderings for elaborate buildings. Most of our projects are visualized by a designer to bring everyone together and give you a chance to connect with the space.

Broad & Main North Facade Rendering Broad and Main Building with Streetscape in the City of Marion Marion Broad & Main Apartment Balcony View

Broad + Main transforms a once-blighted property in the heart of Uptown Marion into a vibrant commercial and housing space.

Broad + Main Recognized as Main Street Iowa Project Winner

Seneca Niagara Falls Hotel Expansion Rendering

Flythrough Seneca Niagra, an ambitious update that transforms their property into a true resort destination.

From Imagination to Innovation.

Immerse Yourself in What’s Possible. It’s one thing to select a finish from a swatch or sample. It’s another thing to see your selection in your space.

With 3D building visualization, you don’t have to rely on imagination or interpretation. Understand exactly what your selections will look like in your environment. Refine your design to the most detailed features and avoid delays and costly changes down the road.

our Markets

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Pella Indoor Recreation Center Outdoor Rendering


3D Is About More than Building Design

While 3D building visualization captures architecture and design, it also reveals so much more: the environment, the mood, and the vibe of the space. You don’t have to dream about what your project will look like when it’s finished—you’ll know exactly how the story evolves.

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“When I saw the renderings of the cabins and park office, I was blown away at how well they took the ideas in my head and put them on paper. It was like they could read my thoughts.”

-​ Lindsey Mathews and Chris Lee | ​Des Moines County Conservation Board

Cabins Group Arrangement with fire pits, ramp, dock and raised deck
YWCA of the Quad Cities Lobby Rendering

YWCA of the Quad Cities

Our Designers Have the Skills

Accelerating and streamlining your projects — all in one place.

No need for third parties here. Our designers possess the skills, tools and expertise to turn your concepts into reality swiftly and efficiently. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and find a smoother path to project success with our in-house design capabilities.

Keep Stakeholders Happy & Engaged

3D building visualizations help you generate excitement and support for upcoming projects long before the first turn of the shovel. Tell us what you envision, and we’ll make it happen. From photorealistic renderings and animations to artistic watercolor imagery, you can paint the right picture of what’s to come.

RSM Collaboration Space Rendering Before image of RSM Collaboration Space Photo of RSM Collaboration Space