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National Presence, Local Expertise. Shive‑Hattery has experience in the favorite business destinations for developers and facility planners.

Our experts help you strike the right balance — assessing sites that foster a healthy business climate, face workforce challenges and address the most critical location factors.

We believe in fostering a collaborative environment that facilitates a seamless flow of information and ideas. Our approach has been instrumental in successfully navigating projects with multiple stakeholders and complex requirements.

Powering Progress Across Industries

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, technological prowess, and commitment to delivering projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

  • Industrial Parks and Campuses
  • Data Centers
  • Warehouses + Distribution Centers
  • Fulfillment + Maintenance Facilities
  • Delivery + Transload Stations
  • Agricultural Processing Facilities
  • Utility-Grade Renewable Projects
  • Microgrids + Substations
  • Mission-Critical Buildings

Answers on day one.

Shive-Hattery saves you time by researching your site immediately, providing you with details that offer an initial but crucial understanding of your site’s viability for industrial development.

  • Zoning Verification
  • Utility Mapping
  • Transportation Access
  • Permitting Requirements
  • Identifying Key Local Stakeholders
  • Information on Local Tax Incentives or Development Grants

Engaging early allows us to provide input during the critical stages of site selection, permitting, and entitlements. Our initial research lays the groundwork for more detailed investigations and assessments.

Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies

Prioritizing risk identification and mitigation is not just about avoiding negative outcomes; it’s about ensuring the smooth and successful execution of every project. You can expect thorough identification of potential risks associated with a site, encompassing a wide range of factors, including environmental risks (like contamination or flood risks), geotechnical risks (such as soil stability), legal and zoning risks, and operational risks related to the specific use of the site.

Integrity throughout the project lifecycle.

Strategic partnership is our competitive advantage. Our clients entrust us with sensitive information about their business strategies, operations and future business plans.

We provide transparent cost estimations and you maintain stringent control over project finances. Keeping projects within budget and on time.

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Fulfillment Center – Public Improvements

Government | Bondurant, IA

Site Development + Design Services

A Partner With A Client-Focused Mindset

We take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services to meet these needs.

Comprehensive transportation and traffic solutions. From detailed traffic impact studies to precise driveway and intersection designs. Our advanced 3-D traffic simulations and scale operation simulations ensure your project optimizes site circulation and safety.

Eco-friendly storm water solutions, including cutting-edge bio retention systems and pervious pavement, are designed to protect and enhance the environment. We specialize in efficient water management systems, ensuring resilience and compliance with environmental regulations.

Designing and managing critical utility systems. From robust steam and chilled water systems to comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solutions, we ensure your project’s utility needs are met with precision and sustainability in mind. Our focus on advanced systems like fiber optic and broadband infrastructure supports your project’s technological needs.

Thorough due diligence and site analysis lay the groundwork for success. We delve into property research, field surveys and base mapping to provide a solid foundation for your project. Our conceptualization expertise covers everything from industrial to mixed-use developments, ensuring every aspect of site utility, access and design is meticulously planned.

Our construction staking and observation services ensure that every phase of construction is executed flawlessly. Our landscape architects add aesthetic and functional value to your project, enhancing its appeal and sustainability.