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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit. Shape Your Own Success In Our Dynamic Cleveland Studio.

Our studio in Cleveland is one of Shive-Hattery’s newest locations, which means it’s ripe with opportunity. Our team is a mix of interior designers who have been part of our company for more than a decade and those who have recently joined the crew. 

On the surface, we appear to be a small office, but we’re backed by a national firm that offers the people and resources necessary for support, education, and growth. As we learn, we get to create a culture that fits our Cleveland architecture and engineering firm.

Shive-Hattery Cleveland Architecture and Engineering Firm

Top 5 Reasons We Love Our Cleveland Studio

  • Our office is in a co-working space, which we think offers the benefits of working remotely while also having a real office to call home.
  • Because we’re in the heart of the trendy downtown Ohio City neighborhood, we’re within walking distance of almost everything: dozens of bar restaurants, lunch and social options, fitness centers, and cool historical landmarks.
  • We may work in Cleveland, but we get to contribute to projects across the United States.
  • Our area of expertise is workplace design. We get to help organizations optimize their spaces and their workers.
  • We’re a new office, so we get to spend lots of time cultivating new relationships and connecting with people across the city.

The Details

2515 Jay Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106

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“Working here is almost like owning your own business, but with a massive workforce behind you. We can make the Cleveland studio whatever we want it to be, and that’s exciting!”

Sarah Hutchison, Cleveland - Team Leader

Sarah Hutchison | Interior Designer and Team Leader

Large Group of Architects and Interior Designers collaborating on artistic activity


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