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Strong Structures Designed to Stand Under Pressure

We make sure your plans are safe, realistic, and feasible.

When you build a new structure, repurpose a space or building (think an addition or expansion), or need to improve structural integrity, then Shive-Hattery’s structural engineering consulting team can make your idea a reality.

We design, engineer, and examine the “bones” of manmade structures to make sure your building, bridge, tunnel, or pipeline will stand up to the pressures and stresses of its environment, whether those involve storms, live loads, or thermal expansion.

Tornado Shelter Weight Room apartment balcony overlooking main street Gym, Gymnasium, Rock wall

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Performing Arts rooom


Innovative Approaches to Resilient Structures

Shive-Hattery always begins with a visual inspection of your existing structure or plans for new construction. Once we gather data and complete our evaluation, we can determine structural integrity, pinpoint potential areas of concern, and suggest ways to restore or improve your structure so it stands the test of time.

Iowa City Marketplace East Mall Exterior

No Project Too Big or Too Small

We’re here for it all.

Our structural engineering consulting supports projects of all sizes—whether you’re managing the new construction that’s happening across a large industrial campus or need to complete a tornado study to help your small school identify the safest place to shelter.

Structural Engineer collaborating with Civil Engineer

Sarah Willie’s days consist of doing math for structures — whether it’s a building project, working with architects, or working with industrial clients.

Stronger Together

A full team you can count on.

Shive-Hattery’s structural engineering consulting services are just one component of a fully integrated team. You have access to all our architecture, design, and engineering experts. This collaboration helps us find the best ways to accomplish your goals and understand potential issues from all angles.

Unlocking Future Potential

We take time to educate the next generation of structural engineering leaders so they’re ready to design buildings that shape and protect our communities.

Downtown Cedar Rapids Skywalk Brewery, steel, metal building, industrial Gymnasium and Tornado Shelter entrance