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Guiding Energy Innovation with New Possibilities

Efficient, resilient, and sustainable district energy design that meets demand and reduces environmental impact.

Whether your goal is to create a master plan and district energy roadmap, simplify operations, or control emissions and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, Shive-Hattery’s integrated engineering team understands utilities and the nuances they bring. We’ll help you find the right solution to effectively heat and cool your facilities and campuses.

Our forward-thinking approach and reliable guidance lead to district energy systems that meet the energy-efficiency goals you have now—and prepare you to comply with environmental regulations down the road.

thermal energy storage system utility tunnel construction compressed natural gas valves
University of Iowa Grand Avenue Steam and Chilled Water tunnel construction


Let’s Connect Your Priorities with Real Energy Strategies

Whether you already know what type of district energy system you need, or your engineering staff wants guidance on how to improve, our experts serve as your resource. We combine our knowledge of alternative fuels and high-efficiency tech trends with tried-and-true strategies to support your central utility — and connect it to your buildings.

utility tunnel construction

We Are Better Together 

Mastering complex problems with unified expertise.

Shive-Hattery has an entire team of engineers to dedicate to your district energy projects and master plans. Our specialists understand the ins and outs of mechanical systems and how to balance safety and efficiency with high performance.

Steam piping in new vault.

Knowledge Is Power

Sharing our skills to advance the district energy industry.

Shive-Hattery is recognized for its focus on district energy. You’ll often find us educating the industry — and professionals around the world — on everything from hot water distribution systems to emergency condensate line replacement at events like the IDEA annual conference.

The Power of Energy Conservation

The right sustainability initiatives help your organization gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impact. We stay on the forefront of green design and efficient energy generation, distribution, and usage so you can focus on what you do best—and use your savings to improve your organization’s performance in other critical areas.

Exterior of power plant energy backup system compressed natural gas facility energy plant pressure valve