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Solving Complex Water Resources Problems

Protect water resources while enhancing your community.

Construction can impact natural resources—and vice versa. Our certified water resources engineering team understands the demands placed on water resources and uses its decades of experience to protect the natural environment while making sure you get the project results you want.

We can help you uncover innovative and responsible water resource management solutions as we tap into our knowledge of everything from floodplain management and wetland permitting to water quality and green stormwater infrastructure.

Man taking wetland soil sample wetland water collection area rain garden with stormwater drain
two men studying a wetland marsh


Water Resources Challenges Breed Innovation

By staying on the cutting edge, we have the right combination of experience, technology, and tools to do anything from create an urban stormwater conveyance model to map the bottom of a lake using drones.

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“The item I appreciate most about Shive-Hattery is the partnership we’ve developed over the years. They are genuinely committed to helping us be successful in our efforts. I know we can count on them to produce good work for us and guide our projects to a successful outcome.”

– ​​John Rutledge, General Manager| ​Lake Panorama Association

Lake Panorama Watershed
IDNR Blue Lake

Blue Lake, along with the adjacent Lewis and Clark State Park, is a popular recreation destination for boating, fishing, camping, and other recreational activities.

Gauge the Impact of Your Project

Measuring the water resources metrics that matter.

Many quantifiable metrics go into water quality, watershed, and lake restoration work. We can help you meet specific targets, whether it’s to reduce flooding by a particular amount or to create a certain volume of flood storage within the landscape. During our design and analysis, we’ll run calculations to show you what’s possible.

Performance Beyond Expectations

Water resources engineering work often presents the opportunity to create unique community spaces. We’re honored to receive awards that recognize Shive-Hattery for its work on progressive land and water management approaches and showcasing innovative conservation techniques.

People sitting on stone structure overlooking lake Pedestrian trail bridge over creek stream bank restoration dam