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In the ever-evolving world of food and beverage production, the pressure to stay ahead is immense.

Our architects and engineers understand that the heart of these challenges often lie within the very walls of your facilities.  

Shive-Hattery specializes in providing innovative and sustainable architectural and engineering solutions for the food and beverage industry. From resolving urgent structural concerns and enhancing utilities for expansion to improving employee well-being for talent retention and updating facilities to meet market trends, our dedicated team turns obstacles into strategic benefits for your business.

Success Stories

  • Rapid Response to Challenges: For a major juice producer we implemented a quick-fix solution to a critical structural issue, preventing production halt and ensuring employee safety. 
  • Sustainable Brewery Design: Our greenfield project for a craft brewery combined sustainable practices with modern technology, setting a new industry standard. 
  • High-Efficiency Processing Plant: We developed a cutting-edge facility for a snack company, emphasizing health and safety compliance while maintaining operational efficiency. 

Our Approach

Your Production, Uninterrupted 

Our approach is centered on the swift and effective resolution of design issues to support your operation to minimize production downtime.

Our engineers are adept at ensuring your production remains active and efficient, even amidst facility upgrades or renovations. You continue to lead your market; we make sure your path is clear and uninterrupted. 

Partners who know your facility as well as you do.

Our commitment goes beyond addressing immediate concerns — it’s about fortifying the stability and longevity of your facilities for sustained success and industry leadership.

As we work together we get to know your facilities inside and out. And it’s that intimate knowledge that has come in handy when staffing changes leave our clients with facility questions they couldn’t answer on their own.

Building Your Future 

Your drive to expand or innovate is what propels the food and beverage industry forward. When you’re ready to embark on a new facility build or reimagine an existing space, Shive-Hattery stands as your collaborative partner.

We translate your vision into reality, creating functional, efficient and inspiring spaces that reflect your business’s goals and aspirations.

Aligning with Market Leadership

Our architectural and engineering solutions are crafted to be compliant and visionary. We guide you in ensuring that every upgrade or new build strategically enhances your position as a market leader. With Shive-Hattery, you’re not just adapting to market trends — you’re setting them. 

Markets Served: 

  • Bakery, Cereal and Grains 
  • Beverage Manufacturing 
  • Sauces  
  • Pet Food 
  • Proteins 
  • Oils and Ingredients
  • Vegetable Processing
  • Confections and Desserts

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DESTIHL Brew House

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