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Discovering the Lay of the Land

Fast, efficient and cost-effective: We know how to run surveys.

Shive-Hattery’s goal is to make sure your land surveying is completed quickly and accurately — without wasting time or money. To make this happen, we prioritize coordination of utility locates and records research. Our qualified team of surveyors performs commercial land surveying for title work and easement location, as well as for construction, staking, and field services projects.

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The Better Your Land Survey, the Better Your Build

No matter what type of land surveying you need, we have experts who are trained to handle it—from 3D scanning and drone surveying to boundary work and deformation surveying.

Drone operators preparing for drone photography

Precise Surveys Led by Specialists

Shive-Hattery’s diverse land surveying team uncovers the big picture.

Our professionals have a wide array of skills. Surveyors with decades of experience managing surveying challenges work alongside those early in their career, who bring emerging trends and technologies like mobile mapping and UAVs to our reality capture team.

Surveyor using drone on survey site.

Start with a Survey, Go Anywhere

Sometimes land surveying is just the first step. Shive-Hattery has in-house architecture, engineering, and design resources you can rely on to confirm plans, modifications, or corrections once surveying is complete.

drone boat with sonar equipment

Accelerating Your Projects

We keep your surveys moving and minimize delays. Our team knows how to turn land surveys around quickly. By building lasting relationships, we keep the lines of communication open among key stakeholders and guide developers through municipal regulations.