Career Development

As a learning and teaching organization, we seek to share knowledge and ideas every day. In civic organizations, professional groups and trade associations, Shive-Hattery professionals are encouraged to be leaders, present ideas and publish points of view.

Professional Development Program

Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) enhances the abilities of home-grown leaders within the company. LDP develops a pool of change agents as they advance their leadership knowledge and skills through the 15 to 18 month program.

Jennifer Bennett, President, facilitates LDP which routinely consists of two classes of 8-10 employees each, with two-day-long discussions occurring every three months. Approximately 100 alumni exist from the 20-year-old program. They now share a common language and knowledge base as it pertains to leadership within the company of over 425.

The program builds leaders from within to then lead initiatives across the company. Leadership occurs at all levels of the organization, diminishing the top-down management style that Shive-Hattery seeks to avoid. Over 70% of LDP alumni have stayed with Shive-Hattery to become leaders and create positive, adaptive change.


Employees at Shive-Hattery have multiple mentorship options available to aid in career progression and advancement. From having a mentor in a different office and different field to bi-annual meetings with your team leader strictly for professional development purposes, the opportunities to mentor and be a mentee are unlimited.

Shive-Hattery also follows a "Where's Your Plus One" initative, which encourages leaders to bring new and developing staff to site visits, meetings, interviews, and more. There is no better way to teach staff how to be in the field and market than including them in those moments and opportunities.

Continuing Education

As a learning and teaching organization, we believe and support your professional development. We provide financial assistance for continuing education, membership in technical and professional organizations, reimbursement for professional registration and certifications and career mentoring through our coaching program. 

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