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Future Infrastructure Funding Webinar: Video & Presentation

Watch our “Future Infrastructure Funding” webinar to get the latest on the CARES 2.0/HEROES Act and get an infrastructure outlook on the stimulus package, FAST Act reauthorization, appropriations and shovel ready.

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David Adelman (Principal and Director) and Dylan Mooers (Senior Associate) joined us on June 11th to share insights from Washington D.C. and the local levels about the CARES 2.0/HEROES Act. We got a deep dive into the infrastructure outlook and details regarding stimulus packages, FAST Act reauthorizations, appropriations and how to be “shovel ready” or “shovel worthy.” We also discussed client specific questions on public safety law enforcement funding, funding applications, and the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure fund.


View the Future Infrastructure Funding Slideshow

00:35 Introduction to Cornerstone

4:00 CARES Act Overview

5:30 The 5 COVID-19 Relief Phases

10:05 CARES Act State/Local Relief Fund
10:40 What the CARES Act Covers
12:04 How Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska received and handled funds
15:44 How can you get your hands on this money for your projects and facilities?

16:12 Trail Funding & Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund

17:45 Nebraska COVID-19 Programs

19:11 CARES Act Healthcare Provider Relief & Distributions
20:01 Focus should be on this to see if you can get project funding
20:56 Telehealth success

21:22 CARES Act Education & Funding
22:07 Funds for K-12 and Higher Education geared towards COVID-19 support

24:05 Future COVID-19 Relief & HEROES Act
25:40 Where the lines are drawn between the senate, democrats, and republicans
26:26 How politics and policy will mix

27:00 Future Infrastructure Outlook – What Could Happen Moving Forward

28:10 Water Resources and Development Act (WRDA)
28:27 What it funds and what to expect

30:15 Annual Appropriations
30:30 What is included in FY2020
32:15 How Cornerstone can help

32:51 Surface Transportation

33:10 What does it support

34:00 INVEST in America Act – House Passed
35:00 Discretionary grants included and what’s to come

36:34 Potential Stimulus Package
37:00 Why infrastructure gets complicated and slowed down politically
39:00 No point in tax raises and here’s why

39:25 The Latest on the White house and Infrastructure plans
40:42 What is to come in July 2020

42:30 How to be “Shovel Ready”
44:41 Why you should be on the shelf waiting for money and ready to go
45:25 “Shovel Ready” vs. “Shovel Worthy”
47:00 When we talk finance, can there be more predictability?

47:45 Next steps, what is to come and how to respond
48:20 How Cornerstone can help

48:47 Q&A
50:05 Public Safety and Law Enforcement funding
52:04 Funding flow, applications, and healthcare
54:56 Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure fund opportunities