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Des Moines Area Community College Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Student Life Building

On May 29, the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) will be hosting a Building Community groundbreaking ceremony at its Urban Campus to celebrate the new Student Life Building. Located in downtown Des Moines, the DMACC Urban Campus is one of the most culturally diverse campus in the state of Iowa. In addition to the new building, there will be full campus improvements made possible by DMACC’s innovative spirit and a clear vision! Through Shive-Hattery’s collaborative design process, students and staff were fully-engaged to create a space that will change the urban fabric of the Seventh Street corridor!

The new Student Life Building, scheduled to open in 2020, will house student support services, science classrooms and student hangout areas. A remodel of the existing media center and academic achievement will create areas that encourage social interaction and support new technology. The campus will be reconfigured to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, stormwater management best management practices (BMPs), learning landscapes and exterior amenities.   

These wonderful improvements reinforces DMACC’s commitment to its rich and diverse student body and building community.

Dr. Anne Howsare Boyens
Provost of DMACC Urban Campus, DMACC
"With this being my first involvement in a major facilities project, I didn’t know what to expect. Shive Hattery directed me and my team through the process expertly and truly listened to what my faculty, staff and students want and need. These initial steps laid the foundation for a final design that reflects exactly what we need. Shive Hattery’s support and follow through with the entire project has been second to none."