Shive-Hattery Awarded Significant Projects In Madison, Wis.

“Shive-Hattery is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the State of Wisconsin for two significant projects in the Madison area,” said President Jen Bennett. “We’re honored to bring our client-first ethos to the State of Wisconsin and look forward to growing in partnership with our current and new clients.”

The two projects are the Monona Terrace Convention Center (MTCC) parking garage and the Engineering Drive Utilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW Madison). 

Monona Terrace Convention Center Parking Garage 

With assistance from Walker Consultants, Shive-Hattery will be designing a renewal of the parking garage at the Monona Terrace Convention Center (MTCC). The project includes structural upgrades in addition to mechanical upgrades, waterproofing, drainage and surface improvements. The MTCC will continue to serve both State employees and visitors to the MTCC for years to come.

Engineering Drive Utilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Planning and design work has begun for the replacement of the utilities and infrastructure connecting the Engineering Campus at UW Madison to the Charter Street heating plant. This multi-year, multi-phase project will allow the College of Engineering to continue its growth and development while maintaining services to their current facilities. Shive-Hattery is teamed with KSingh & Associates, GRAEF, and Shen, Milsom & Wilke and will work closely with the UW Madison and the State of Wisconsin.

Corey Satterfield

“For many years now, our design offices have been ‘strategy engines’ where great ideas come to life in our people,” said Vice President Cory Satterfield. “This is demonstrated with our Madison design office and the great opportunities we have to work with the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Monona Terrace, UW Madison and the State of Wisconsin.”

Brad Hughes

“Our team is excited about current and future opportunities in Wisconsin,” shared Wisconsin Team Leader Brad Hughes. “As a Madison-area resident, I’m proud to be a part of growing our community and making a positive difference for everyone here.”

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