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History and Details

Throughout his career, Chad has worked with a wide range of clients providing indoor air testing, asbestos testing, stack testing, microbial testing and bacterial testing services.

There’s never a dull moment where you’re an Industrial Hygienist. I help my clients resolve a variety of building issues including indoor air quality, asbestos, methamphetamine contamination (e.g. former meth houses/labs), sick buildings, mold, radon and lead-based paints. These problems arise during renovation, remodels and new construction. Each situation is unique and requires a timely solution. I enjoy the challenge and reward of designing creative environmental solutions that meet my clients’ specific needs and schedule.

Because these building issues have the potential to impact a number of people and their health, it’s important that I am accessible, regardless of the time of day or week, to answer questions or aide in the completion of a project. I like being there for my clients because it helps and reassures them.