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Jeremy Huisman is the Healthcare Engineering market leader. This market focuses on designing facilities with robust, resilient and efficient engineering systems for the unique needs of healthcare.

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These systems work seamlessly in the background to create an environment where patients and staff can focus on their top priority, the healing process. He guides the overall performance of this market through strategic planning and partnerships, employee management, development and engagement, business development and project delivery.

For more than 20+ years, his spirit of service guides and leads the way in helping clients and colleagues be successful in delivering quality patient care.

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“With a sustainable, maintainable and reliable facility, patient care and the built healthcare environment work hand-in-hand. This holistic approach results in engineering system design solutions that safeguard patients, families and staff in a comfortable environment while delivering energy-efficient, cost-saving, and uninterrupted operation.”

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Jeremy Huisman, Healthcare Engineering Market Leader | Shive-Hattery

Genesis Silvis Women's Imaging Suite
Jeremy Huisman

Healthcare Engineering Market Leader, Jeremy Huisman, shares his journey in the industry — discovering how innovative engineering solutions can directly contribute to enhanced healthcare outcomes.

Building Spaces that Heal.

Our dedicated team of healthcare engineers specialize in transforming healthcare spaces, ensuring that every project we undertake positively impacts patient care, staff efficiency and overall facility effectiveness.