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North Liberty Ranshaw Way Pedestrian Corridor
Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge Rendering Top Down View
Elkader Arch Bridge

Bridges & Structures

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Aesthetics, safety, strength, resiliency, functionality, and economics must all come together to create bridge structures that work in harmony with their surrounding environments. Shive-Hattery understands the components of quality structural design, including efficient use of materials and resources, economic responsibility, and elegant aesthetics.

We create bridge designs that follow the most current codes while also giving clients the most appropriate, economical bridge type for their application based on function, surroundings, location, and required spans – whether you need a non-visible, short-span bridge or a complex bridge with exposure and long approaches.

Shive-Hattery can help with any component of bridge design, from simple repairs to complete replacement. Our experience spans across various types of pedestrian and vehicle bridges, as well as secondary elements, such as retaining walls, vehicle barriers, railings, and design elements. We start by conducting thorough inspections so you understand the current condition of your bridge, as well as what you can expect in the future. Then we identify the most practical, cost-effective concepts and options, completing necessary hydraulic studies and permitting processes along the way.

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