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Electrical Distribution

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Whether a new installation or an upgrade, electrical systems must be designed and constructed to be safe, reliable, code compliant and economical. The power system design must satisfy facility needs while meeting NEC and Energy Codes. The electrical engineering consultant will coordinate with the Utility to ensure that the electrical service to a facility and the facility power distribution throughout is properly sized, circuited and coordinated. However, many of today’s supplemental systems, such as lighting, data, security, controls, etc. require so much more than just code compliance. We are active listeners to our clients requirements for developing a great experience, not just a work place. Lighting and their associated controls are complex and require significant client-designer interface to achieve the best results. We have specialists in-house for exceptional design experience. For example, we have an LC professional for lighting , a Nicet Certified fire alarm designer, LEED Certified PE’s and many other licensed talents to draw upon for the premier design.

Shive-Hattery goes a step further when designing an electrical distribution system by taking a human-centric approach. For instance, lighting can be used to optimize human performance and still use as little electricity as possible while maintaining safety, reliability and compliance. Communication with the client is the key, and we have complete in-house capabilities for an exceptional client – designer experience during the concept design through construction and delivery.

Shive-Hattery electrical engineering consultants deliver quality, efficient and code compliant projects while exceeding your needs for today and tomorrow.


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