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Energy System Upgrades

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Once you understand how your building is using energy, and understand your options for smart utility purchasing, it's time to take action and make some changes. You need to find ways to save energy – whether through small operational changes, easy fixes, or system upgrades – but knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

From the roof to the HVAC system, Shive-Hattery starts the energy system upgrade process by conducting an audit to uncover initiatives that will provide the highest return on investment. After walking through your building, examining utility bills, and talking to your staff, we'll make recommendations about the steps you can take now – and in the future – to improve building performance.

Sometimes an audit may reveal the need for new windows or added insulation; other times, it may uncover small changes you can make to experience big results, such as adjusting equipment settings. For instance, we identified a VFD (variable-frequency drive) that was running constantly during a client audit. After further investigation, we discovered that a ductwork hole used to inspect fire dampers was never sealed. Once the problem was found, it was fixed immediately to instantly reduce energy costs.

Through retro-commissioning, Shive-Hattery pinpoints areas of potential performance improvement in your building equipment and systems, and then make adjustments accordingly. This can resolve problems that may have occurred during initial construction, or problems that have developed over time. We can also create routine maintenance plans to lengthen equipment lifecycle and improve performance.

The bottom line: Inefficient buildings and systems mean that you're paying more than you should be, and throwing money out the window. Through audits and retro-commissioning, part of Shive-Hattery's energy system upgrade services, you'll improve the efficiency of building equipment and systems to save money and prolong equipment lifecycle.

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