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North Center Point Road Reconstruction and Realignment

Located in Hiawatha, IA

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The City of Hiawatha had been looking for a solution to the tricky alignment of the Emmons Street/Center Point Road/Robins Road intersection since the 1990’s. Located at the center of the City and next to City Hall, Hiawatha also wanted the intersection to be part of the creation of a downtown presence. Continued development has increased traffic on Center Point Road, the primary north/south corridor through Hiawatha, making it harder for bikes traveling on the popular Cedar Valley Nature Trail to cross at the intersection. Utilities were located both above and below ground on both sides of Center Point Road. The City of Hiawatha needed cost-effective solutions to these problems that also would include planning for the future.

Shive-Hattery conducted a traffic study to determine what was needed now and what would be needed in the future, ensuring that the city didn’t overbuild for its near-term needs. Conceptual drawings that included a town plaza adjacent to City Hall helped facilitate the roadway planning.

To create a distinct look for the Emmons Street/Center Point Road/Robins Road intersection, decorative traffic signal poles were installed and a colored concrete pattern used for the middle of the intersection. Offset left-turn lanes were installed on Center Point Road to increase visibility and safety at the intersection.

To address speeds along the corridor, a raised intersection was constructed and the speed limit was lowered to 25 mph. These improvements increased safety for users of the trail crossing, which is now highlighted with colored concrete. A joint utility trench located in an easement moved all of the utilities below ground in one location, making them easier to work on and increasing the intersection’s aesthetics.

The intersection reconstruction completes the Center Point Road corridor improvements between Blairs Ferry and Tower Terrace roads. Plantings and pavement treatments created a unique intersection that helps define the Hiawatha Town Center. It’s also helping to spur interest in development in the vicinity of the intersection. The many users of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail now have a much more manageable way to cross Center Point Road.

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