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Oaknoll Spring Street Senior Living Facility Expansion

Located in Iowa City, IA

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Growing demand for housing for Iowa City area senior citizens led Oaknoll to embark on their second largest expansion in less than a decade. Because of the location of the expansion, it was essential that the team work closely with the City of Iowa City Planning Department, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the City Council to balance the expansion needs of Oaknoll and the future needs of the city. It was also essential to control Oaknoll's long term operating expenses by providing a sustainable facility.

The $55 million Spring Street housing unit expansion at Oaknoll welcomes another 100 residents to the senior living facility. This is also Oaknoll's largest project to date. Connected to the main building by a glass sky walk, it features 69 new apartments, sports pub, informal dining restaurant, art studio and exhibition area, community room, meeting rooms and two levels of underground parking.

It was important that the addition, which was across the street, would not be isolated from the main campus. The glass skywalk seamlessly connects the new units to other parts of the facility. Two levels of parking are tucked away beneath four above-ground levels, reducing the visual intrusion of parking on the neighborhood. By providing efficient building systems within a well-insulated shell this expansion project offers significant savings over the life of the building and allows Oaknoll's residents to feel environmentally responsible.

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