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Potable Water Treatment

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Potable water treatment makes your water safe for consumption. Regardless of your water quality levels or water sources (such as groundwater and/or surface water), our team can design a plan that addresses your concerns and provides abundant potable water meeting safe water quality standards.

Shive-Hattery can help municipal authorities, large institutions, industrial plants and small communities navigate changing regulations, assess current infrastructure and identify new water sources.

Despite increasingly rigorous regulations surrounding water quality, our potable water treatment system designs meet and exceed the most stringent drinking water quality standards by utilizing a combination of conventional, oxidation, reverse osmosis, clarification, membrane filtration and UV disinfection technology.

Because we’re familiar with the latest regulations, we excel at designing potable water treatment systems that are safe, compliant and efficient to ensure the quality of your potable water.

We’ll guide you through the process of evaluating your existing potable water treatment systems, designing and permitting for a new system, developing plans to support future growth and creating procedures for performance monitoring. Once you have a reliable system in place, we can help establish a maintenance plan to prevent lapses in proper treatment.

We will partner with you to address specific community needs while implementing technology that meets safe drinking water criteria and keeps costs and timelines in check.

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