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Prairie Queen

Located in Omaha, NE

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After the initial fulfillment of schematic design for Prairie Queen, located in Papillion, Nebraska, production was handed off to Shive-Hattery. The notion of this project was to fulfill the concept of the “Missing Middle Housing.” The Missing Middle concept is defined as a range of house-scale buildings with multiple units – compatible in scale and form with detached single-family homes – located in a walkable neighborhood. The client was very cognizant of how they wanted the streetscape to be viewed. It needed to emulate an older period style. 

This development was an investment opportunity, so it was important to be cost-effective and make the project relatively dense. There are a total of 25 variations of building types spanning from duplexes to eight-plexs – half of which include attached parking. The varying building types are intermittently mixed on the lots to help create the neighborhood aesthetic that the client was looking to achieve. 99% of the development is residential, with the final one percent being live-work spaces to include small businesses.

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