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Purdue University Dworkin Student Activities Center

Located in Westville, IN

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A visioning process, facilitated by Shive-Hattery, created the mission statement: “The Student Services and Activities Center will foster the creation and enhancement of programs and activities to transform the student experience and facilitate the engagement and development of the regional community.” A critical aspiration was the creation of a sustainable and “signature” building which defines and transforms the university campus, and which embraces and enhances the natural campus environment.
In collaboration with project stakeholders, a facility program and building concept was developed to meet the needs of student organizations, athletics, fitness and recreation, as well as a conference center. Articulated into two elements: student organizations/athletics/recreation to the north, and conference center/lobby to the south, the building massing produces a sense of scale compatible with the campus setting. Strong entrance identity greets the visitor, while also connecting to the student/pedestrian main street of campus. Massing, orientation and framed views integrate with, and take advantage of this beautifully landscaped and natural campus rich in world-renowned public art.
The 104,000 square foot facility opened in the summer of 2016, and serves as a focal point and center of activity for the campus, while celebrating the owner goal of creating a new architectural vocabulary complimenting the existing campus visual identity.

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