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Strategic Energy Master Planning

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How much energy does your building use? How does that number compare to other buildings and in your industry? Are you making smart energy-purchasing decisions? Could you be saving more money on energy projects? These important questions must be addressed before any lasting energy-efficiency improvements can be made. But where (and how) can you find the answers?

Energy efficiency isn't just about lowering energy costs. Your energy bills may have gone down recently, but is it because you reduced usage – or because energy costs decreased a few months ago? Only by taking a close look at performance, establishing a benchmark, and comparing results to the right metrics can you tell if your building’s energy consumption is truly decreasing.

Responsible energy consumption isn't about installing the most energy-efficient products on the market, either. Integration, communication, control, and maintenance all play an important role in how your building performs as a whole. Before you invest in new systems, you need to know if the systems you have are set up right and being operated correctly.

By taking a holistic look at your building's energy usage, Shive-Hattery can create a strategic energy master plan focused on developing and executing a strategy to manage energy usage and protect your organization against the volatility of energy prices.

Even new buildings benefit from strategic energy master planning. We've analyzed buildings that are just a few years old – complete with high-tech, energy-efficient systems – that score less than 10 on ENERGY STAR's 1-100 scale of building performance. Every building offers room for improvement.

With an honest understanding of energy performance, buildings of all kinds – from elementary schools and hospitals to casinos and fitness centers – are better positioned to save energy costs, reduce monthly operating expenses, and shrink carbon footprints.

Not only can energy-efficiency improvements come from finding ways to use energy more resourcefully, but also from understanding how energy is being used in your building, and how and where you should buy your energy.

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