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Traffic Signalization

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To keep traffic moving safely and efficiently in new developments or next to land being re-purposed, traffic signals are sometimes needed at key intersections. Choosing the best placement, most effective detection strategies and appropriate choice from ever-evolving technology can be overwhelming to communities.

Because every project and community is unique, we continuously work with suppliers, manufacturers and clients to stay on top of new technologies to develop the right solution for the challenge at hand. Traffic signalization projects have included loop, camera and microwave detection, fiber optic and wireless communications, LED street lighting, accessible pedestrian signals, emergency vehicle pre-emption systems and much more. Internal controller software can be used to provide transit priority to campus buses.

The addition of traffic signalization can have a dramatic impact when designed well:

  •     Eliminate traffic being backed up to major roadways or interstates
  •     Improve transit route wait times
  •     Provide pedestrians and bicyclists with safer crossings
  •     Help emergency response vehicles traverse an intersection quicker and safer

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