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Utility Master Planning

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Budgeting for utility systems usually takes a back seat to the physical building’s maintenance and repairs. However, over time neglecting to maintain and preserve your utility systems can lead to expensive replacement, premature failure or abandoning them for quick fixes. However, sticking with your utility system can pay big dividends – all you need is a plan! A utility systems master plan will assist in prioritizing maintenance and repairs within your budget and goals while maximizing the life of your campus utility systems.

 Planning for the future is being prepared for the future. When it comes to utilities for campuses and building complexes, the preparation and implementation research of a master plan is crucial. The utility master plan includes establishing and detailing current conditions and capacities, as well as projected future growth utilization. The development of your master plan will start with the evaluation and assessment of your current system. Then the existing system will be analyzed based on your long–term goals to determine current and future needs. Lastly, recommendations will be provided on the most urgent repairs and upgrades for you to meet your goals and budget.

The energy demands on your aging central utilities change and grow along with your campus or complex. A utility systems master plan will serve as a blueprint to keep your systems reliable and efficient which save on capital and long term operational costs as well as help with fiscal planning.

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