Surface Testing For COVID-19


In these uncertain times, peace of mind and safety are paramount especially as you plan for safe re-entry into your workplace. 

Out of an abundance of caution, deep cleaning and sanitation will be normal protocol prior to reentry. 

Cleaning services offer various approaches to removing the virus that causes COVID-19 including bleach, UV lights and hydrogen peroxide. No matter the method, surfaces should be documented as clean before your employees return to work. 

Define, monitor and strengthen the effectiveness of your sanitation measures. Surface testing will verify that common areas are free of the coronavirus and other related viruses. With this documentary evidence, you can be confident that you are returning to a safer environment. The test provides a unique opportunity to assess the need for cleaning or document whether that cleaning has been performed adequately. 

Which surfaces should be tested? The test can be done on all solid surfaces and is recommended for surfaces touched by many people – door handles, stair railings, shared keyboards, tables and table edges.

Work with firms like Shive-Hattery to bring surface testing to your workplace. This verification test can help you evaluate the health and safety of the work environment with the added benefit of reassurance and peace of mind for you and your clients, employees and community. 


There’s never a dull moment where you’re an Industrial Hygienist. I help my clients resolve a variety of building issues including indoor air quality, asbestos, methamphetamine contamination (e.g. former meth houses/labs), sick buildings, mold, radon and lead-based paints. These problems arise during renovation, remodels and new construction. Each situation is unique and requires a timely solution. I enjoy the challenge and reward of designing creative environmental solutions that meet my clients’ specific needs and schedule.

Because these building issues have the potential to impact a number of people and their health, it’s important that I am accessible, regardless of the time of day or week, to answer questions or aide in the completion of a project. I like being there for my clients because it helps and reassures them.

Chad Siems, CMC, CIEC

Environmental Specialist