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Signs Your Office Needs a Redesign

How do you know when your office is in need of an office renovation?

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Over the past few years, you may have heard about employee engagement and productivity.  An American Society of Interior Design Survey  revealed that an overwhelming 90% of respondents believe that improvement in office design can increase employee productivity and  a simple Google search will provide many examples attesting to the same outcome. Many of these examples talk about how an office redesign can help retain and attract the best talent, and increase productivity and bottom lines. How do you know when your office is in need of an office renovation?

While there are many signs it is time for a redesign, here are four of the most popular reasons:


Many landlords are willing to provide tenant improvement dollars to help defray the cost of recreating space for a new client. Negotiating improvement dollars with a new landlord can make a new location enticing.


When you’re organization is ready to shift or change culture, an office redesign gives a fresh physical start. Through the redesign, you can greatly impact teamwork, collaboration, culture and motivation.


Moving walled offices from the exterior to the interior allows everyone access to natural light. Adding ergonomic tools such as monitor arms, keyboard platforms, and sit/stand capabilities allow people to customize their work environment to their needs and improves employee health.


Rightsizing can lead to an increased number of unused workstations. Filing and storage needs are decreasing due to sustainable trends to reduce paper or go paperless. Workstations have replaced large monitors with flat monitors. These factors mean more space within workstations and office space are opening up and is an opportunity to be utilized in a different manner.