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From Classroom to Community: Akwi Nji Shares Methods That Reimagine Engagement

Akwi Nji speaking at a conference

At the Washington School Public Relations Association (WSPRA) Late Winter Conference this March, Shive-Hattery communications and engagement strategist Akwi Nji asked school districts to reimagine their communication strategies. Nji’s interactive session highlighted the importance of art and brand storytelling in engaging employees; reigniting student and family enthusiasm; and fostering trust within communities.

The WSPRA, a nationally recognized body of K-12 education professionals, hosted the event in Renton, Washington. During her session, Nji emphasized that effective storytelling and artistic expression are key to developing more engaging and trustworthy stakeholder relationships.

Recently, Nji has shared this message across numerous platforms, including the 2023 National Seminar for the National School Public Relations Association and an Empower Decorah Leadership Course. The positive response to these presentations underscores the growing recognition of the need for innovative communication strategies in education and public service.

With the tools necessary to integrate inclusivity and creativity into their messaging tactics, educators and civic leaders were offered strategies designed to build connections, regardless of the team size or budget.

Looking ahead, Nji is scheduled to speak at several notable events this spring:

These upcoming engagements reflect a continuing commitment to reshaping how organizations communicate, aiming to create more inclusive and connected communities.

Through these efforts, Akwi Nji is redefining the landscape of public communication in schools and municipalities and setting a new standard for how organizations can effectively reach their audiences in meaningful ways.

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