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Central Utility Plants

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Central utility plants economically produce thermal and electric energy providing significant advantages in efficiency, reliability, redundancy and maintainability when compared to individual building HVAC systems. However, as campuses and complexes grow and utility loads change, the demands on your central utility plant must keep pace. The increasing demands and accumulating deferred maintenance can significantly reduce the advantages a central utility system provides.

For your central utility plant to effectively support your growing campus, it must grow and change as well. A dedicated and experienced multi-discipline team for assessing, improving, retrofitting and expanding central utility plants, and all the pieces of equipment that make it function properly, is crucial to maintain necessary capacity, optimize efficiency, minimize the carbon footprint and maximize reliability and resiliency.

A well-maintained and designed central utility plant maximizes your campus energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact, improving operational flexibility and saving you critical expense. Our focus is helping you design, maintain and improve your central utility plant to continue to perform reliably and efficiently.

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