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DMACC Urban Campus Student Center Media Center
DMACC Urban Campus Student Center
DMACC Urban Campus Student Center Lobby

DMACC Urban Campus Student Center

Located in Des Moines, IA

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The DMACC Urban Campus is the most culturally diverse campus of higher education in the State of Iowa. In an effort to enhance both campus identity, and the surrounding community, the design vision was focused on reinforcing DMACC commitment to its rich and diverse student body. Connectivity, Collaboration, Inclusion, and Building Community became the overarching vision for the design concept. The “Why” focused on the expression and enhancement of Urban Campus Identity, as its own, unique, localized level of community, while at the same time supporting the overall educational goals of DMACC as an institution of higher learning.

The new Student Life Building houses student support services, science classrooms and student areas. A remodel of the existing media center and academic achievement center at the adjacent Building 1, will create areas that encourage social interaction and support new technology. The campus will be reconfigured to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, storm water management best management practices (BMPs), learning landscapes and exterior amenities.

A collaborative process for both the Student Life Building and renovation of Building 1 was conceptualized through master planning, programming, all phases of design, bidding and now currently through construction. Integral to this process was the evolution of the design utilizing collaboration with the owner, as well as providing fundraising support materials and concepts to maximize stakeholder interest early in the process.

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