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Valparaiso University Harre Union

Located in Valparaiso, IN

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The goal for Valparaiso University was to create a new “social heart” of campus, in an activity-filled environment for students, their families, alumni, and guests. The Harre Union was designed to fulfill that goal now, and into the future. The award-winning design defers to, and focuses views on the religious foundation of the University, the Chapel of the Resurrection.
The Union is sited on the location of the former Moellering Library, which was extensively studied for adaptive re-use. Based on the limited floor-to-floor heights and restrictive structural system, the University opted to remove the library, to alleviate the restrictions the 50 year old building would have created.
Located at the center crosswalk of campus, the Union was designed to be a “Main Street”. It features diverse elements including a cyber cafe, computer lab, lounges, book center, convenience store, student mail center, entertainment areas, student government, international and multicultural departments, career center and administrative and support offices. A key element in creating this social center was the consolidation of all campus dining into a single place with multiple venues, reinforcing interaction of students, faculty, and staff. It also houses a 500-seat ballroom and conference center.
This new facility meets campus conferencing, seminar and performance needs, and is also a key event center for local and regional community events.

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