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Drexel Height Fire District Fire Station #401

Located in Tucson, AZ

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In 1989, Drexel Heights Fire District, which serves an area west of Tucson Arizona, rebuilt their original Station No.1 on this site to serve as both a fire station and administration offices for this district. Then in 2019, after service to this region for over 30 years, this station (now Station 401) needed to expand and modernize to better support its diverse and growing community. After relocating the administration offices, the station was completely gutted, with only the original concrete floors and masonry walls remaining. This approach provided all new spaces for the station while reusing the existing building’s structure to save money and time on construction.

The station originally contained the living quarters south of the apparatus bays while the administrative office filled out the rest of the building north. Wood trusses clear spanned to the existing exterior masonry walls. After demolition, light metal framing and trusses were used to heighten the building while maintaining the clear span to the existing masonry. New modern metal cladding was added atop the metal framing and existing masonry structure, extending the wall and roof for more space in the apparatus bays and the rest of the building.

The station now contains updated living quarters for eight crew members including dorm rooms and a new open plan for dining, kitchen, and dayroom. A small addition to the north adds space for a fitness center, dining room, offices, and entry. A new patio offers access to views of the desert and provides a space to support the crews’ health and wellness. South of the apparatus bays are the support areas which originally housed the living quarters.

This unique renovation of Station 401 retains the characteristics of the original station while modernizing and improving functionality.

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