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Because of the size, type and amount of equipment required to operate 24/7, water and wastewater facilities  plants consume lots of energy. Shive-Hattery’s energy optimization services help existing facilities improve energy usage, keep operating costs and utility bills down and maximize system performance.

We can help you identify ways to improve energy efficiency and save money. After conducting an energy audit and establishing where your facility uses energy – and how much it uses – we can offer suggestions to help trims bills, whether it’s through controls and automation, conducting equipment evaluations or upgrades to LED lighting. We can also help you analyze current treatment processes to identify potential opportunities for energy savings as well.

In addition to helping you reduce energy usage, Shive-Hattery can also help implement renewable energy and net zero energy goals. From waste-to-energy to panels or wind turbines, we can help evaluate and implement renewable energy to off set the power demands from the grid to operate facilities. Meeting sustainability goals can further reduce energy bills so those funds can recover the capital investment or be reidrected to other important initiatives.

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