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Future Forward

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To help you plan for the future while keeping the present in mind, Shive-Hattery abides by what we call “future-forward philosophies” to make the future seem real, tangible, and achievable.

Because of Shive-Hattery’s close connections to the industrial world, we’re comfortable with new technology and methods – and understand how they may impact your business.

Our internal technology leaders are always scouting new trends, getting the inside scoop on how these trends working for others and the benefits they offer. These leaders also take a look at technology initiatives outside of industrial world to see what may be coming our way in the future, helping conduct pilot projects to assess real-world impacts. Our team meets regularly to discuss the findings and whether or not specific trends will bring value to industrial clients. When we bring new ideas to the table for you to consider, you can trust that we’ve done our homework.

Although many of the newest technology trends aren’t mainstream just yet, we’re keeping a close eye on things like augmented reality, 3D scanning, and other technologies that may benefit the industrial market. From a design perspective, we take steps to ensure that your plant will be ready to support emerging technology, including artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Several Shive-Hattery professionals have established relationships with universities and other technical and educational programs, whether from a teaching and leadership perspective or through regular contact with faculty who have knowledge about what’s happening inside the ever-changing technology and industrial worlds.

Lastly, because technology is transforming building design and next-generation workforces, Shive-Hattery recruits and hires employees with skills that will translate to futureproof industrial projects.

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