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Gordon-Van Tine Lofts

Located in Davenport, IA

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While complying with National Park Service (NPS) and Iowa’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) restoration standards, the Owner wanted to transform the under-utilized historical warehouse, built in 1893, into an apartment building featuring approximately 110 residential units. This restoration also required the design and construction to provide ADA accessibility.     

3D scanning technology was used throughout to provide effective and useful imagery and details of the large building. Window restoration and rehabilitation was a considerable factor and had to be designed in line with NPS and SHPO standards. To maintain the historically aesthetic features of the building, constant communication with the contractor and SHPO occurred throughout the design and construction of this project. Close attention to several details resulted in the restoration of a historical building in Davenport, recreating a space to benefit many people.  

By maintaining the significant Gordon-Van Tine warehouse, the City of Davenport profits from this economic development by utilizing six city blocks located in a neighborhood that needed improvements. Additional housing is now available, which enhances the community while keeping a historical building from further deterioration.

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