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Highway 965 Phase 3 Improvements Project

Located in North Liberty, IA

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Due to significant growth, North Liberty needed traffic and pedestrian improvements along their major arterial. The existing roadway was a rural section roadway without adequate pedestrian accommodation, traffic capacity, or vehicular and pedestrian traffic lighting. Located in a commercial corridor, landscape aesthetic, overhead utilities, and drainage ditch improvements were desperately needed. Improvements needed to be constructed while maintaining traffic.

Shive-Hattery prepared conceptual and functional plans for discussion with city staff, city council, utility companies, adjacent property owners, and stakeholders. To communicate the project to the public, Shive-Hattery prepared a video the City used on their website and media outlets to show the completed project. A five-lane roadway section was designed including new trails, sidewalks, LED street and pedestrian lights with decorative banners, artistic LED lighted bridge panels, and new landscaping. Stormwater quality improvement biocells were also utilized to provide clean water effluent.

Extensive phasing and detour plans were prepared by coordinating with adjacent property owners and utility companies. This project was federally funded and Shive-Hattery also provided all coordination with the Iowa DOT, as well as full federal aid construction phase services.

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