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IMT Insurance New Corporate Headquarters – Branded Environment

Located in West Des Moines, IA

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To plan for future growth, and to consolidate all employees into one facility, IMT Insurance is investing in a new corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, that reflects its values, energy, and vibrant culture.
The building was designed with employees in mind, emphasizing comfort, efficiency, and productivity. But IMT Insurance also wanted its headquarters to visually reflect its services and offerings.
The new 85,000-square-foot building features large 8-foot by 12-foot wall expanses. Instead of simply painting these walls, or hanging generic artwork from them, IMT Insurance wanted to use the space to visually represent the types of insurance it offers: home, farm, auto, and business.
Using IMT Insurance’s red and black logo colors as inspiration, Shive-Hattery designed large interior wall graphics that not only symbolize the company’s insurance services, but also showcase its history, vision, and values.
Images of an automobile, business storefront, and farm/residential setting were created and broken into three abstract graphics that feature recognizable patterns and shapes. Integrated into these graphics are words and phrases that describe the company’s mission, values, vision, and culture. The graphics are designed so they can print as one large sheet or as smaller components that can be pieced together for easier installation.
A fourth wall image combines the three abstract images of an automobile, business storefront, and farm/home with a short vignette about how IMT Insurance got its start. This graphic is featured in the new headquarters atrium; the remaining three graphics are placed on walls throughout the headquarters building.
The striking wall graphics throughout the building remind employees and educate customers and visitors about the company’s values and vision. This visual representation clearly communicates the purpose of IMT Insurance and the services it offers, and contributes to a work environment that staff members can enjoy and be proud of.

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