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University of Iowa Currier Residence Hall

Located in Iowa City, IA

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The University of Iowa is continually looking for ways to improve student experience and create a vibrant campus culture. As they assessed the dorms, a notable flaw was that the common areas were old, outdated and not suitable for studying or socializing – key activities for integrated campus experience.
Shive-Hattery worked with the University to refresh the student commons on the first floor of Currier Hall. The original design was dated, with dingy coloring, poor traffic flow, and few places to study. The new design has opened up the space with light and bright study nooks, glass doors to allow light in, a fresh and bright color palette, and flexible seating options for students to study and socialize in separate zones.
The new space is a peaceful but welcoming zone that truly epitomizes the University’s goal of an inclusive, flexible, and modern campus.

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