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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Valparaiso Campus

Located in Valparaiso, IN

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Ivy Tech Community College was experiencing exponential growth in academics and technology programs as well as student service needs. The goal for the project was to consolidate into a single campus creating an environment that would meet ongoing growth needs and create a "sense of campus" for students, faculty and visitors.
Simple rectilinear modules for each program connect with dynamic pie-shaped, twisting, sloped roof areas for common spaces to stimulate student/student and student/faculty collaboration and innovative thinking. The forms define key programs and scale the facility into a series of elements reinforcing a sense of campus and designed for expansion. The structure and mechanical systems were exposed to reflect the character and importance of many vocational programs taught at Ivy Tech. Sustainable design was integrated with building orientation, daylighting, material selections, building systems, bio-basins and natural landscaping.

The success of the programs and facility impact has continued Ivy Tech's rapid growth. The design allowed for additional phases which have been completed doubling the campus size without interruption.

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