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Land Surveying Subdivision of Property

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When a land owner or developer wants to divide a property into smaller lots, most governing bodies require the land owner or developer to go through a subdivision process.

A Professional Land Surveyor can help guide you through the subdivision process. The Professional Land Surveyor can work with an engineer and land planners as to the layout of the new lots. It is the Professional Land Surveyor who will prepare the Final Plat which is the legal document dividing the property into the desired sizes, creates new rights-of-way and whatever easements that might be necessary for the development. The Professional Land Surveyor will also stake in the field the new property corners for use by any new owners.

With counties and local governments regulating the division of property, the role of a Professional Land Surveyor cannot be underestimated. Regulations may specify minimum lot size, minimum width of streets, procedures for review and other matters. A Professional Land Surveyor knows and understands the regulations and can put the plan together for the owner.

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