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Mechanical Engineering Industrial Services

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Facilities are constantly changing and growing. When a new product line or service is requested on site, we have the experience to jump in early and assist in identifying the magnitude of a project.

A very popular scenario that comes up is plugging a new process into an existing building. After getting up to speed and understanding the potential project, we will come onsite and conduct a laser scan that will create a full 3D point cloud of the existing conditions. Using this point cloud, we are able to effectively create a viewable 3D model and populate it with equipment that can be made with general dimensions to ‘best fit’ the new process, while meeting the needs of operations, maintenance, and safety. All parties involved will be able to virtually see what you get before going through all the finer details.

It doesn’t stop there. When ready, we dig into the finer details. We will work with your in house experts to help you generate or modify P&IDs, and use them to put together a detailed piping design for the full process while delivering easily viewable 3D models as well as 2D plans and spool drawings for construction.

Our mechanical and process team is constantly coordinating with civil, structural, and electrical teams for the duration of the project to provide solutions for all types of complex and unique projects.

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